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Zero-Delay Download Technology   This exclusive feature - available for LexisNexis, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar - is one you will soon find yourself unwilling to live without. The "download dialog" is now a thing of the past. No longer must you pause during research to correct filenames during download. Eliminate the tedium of designating the storage location of documents you download. QDO automates the entire download process, captures the available document title/citation, and handles all of the file naming and destination selection process for you. You simply click QDO's "Fetch" button - then proceed to review the next document returned by your search or perform a new search. This feature alone can easily pay for QDO. Spend your valuable time performing research - not clerical work. Click to view video for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, and Fastcase.

Rolodex Dashboard   This "Windows Explorer On Steroids" feature allows you to easily organize and access your research by case and topic, claim, or question of law. Add tags and notes for fast and easy future reference, and more. The Rolodex permits customization of displayed records using flexible filtering options. Easily search for and locate Rolodex-level detail using the global search function. Quickly access all excerpts and notations, jumping quickly and directly to the entry using QDO's Digital Bookmarks feature, in context, within the document itself. The Rolodex provides an easy-to-digest view of all of your Matters. Click to view videos demonstrating Search And Filtering, Viewing and accessing Excerpts and Annotations, Digital Bookmarks, and Add Tags and Notes.

Powerful Content-Specific Boolean Search   This "super search" capability permits you to restrict searches to only selected content types. Please view the video "Full Content Search" for a demonstration of how quickly QDO enables you to locate desired data. In addition, QDO provides an even more powerful version of Boolean search (including logical connectors such as 'and' and 'not', together with proximity constraints, user-configurable tolerance for misspelled words, and more). View 'Full Content Search' Video

Color-coded Highlighter/Underliner   Mark up your PDF documents using QDO's embedded PDF editor. This automatically designates the highlighted/underlined section as an "Excerpt", automatically extracted and indexed by QDO - making the text instantly available in the Rolodex. All text you identify as relevant is instantly at your fingertips. Watch Video

User-Definable Annotation Tools   Annotate your QDO-managed documents using QDO's embedded PDF editor. QDO automatically extracts, indexes, and displays all annotation text in the Rolodex, making the text instantly available. This feature puts every personal notation and phrase of importance at your fingertips. Watch Video

Copy and Paste   Copy and paste from QDO's Rolodex or PDF viewer directly into your word processor. View 'Copy and Paste' Video

Digital Bookmarks   As you mark up and annotate your QDO-managed resources, QDO automatically creates and updates an index of all selected excerpts and user-created annotations. All phrases are listed in the Rolodex for quick reference. Upon double-clicking on any entry, QDO will automatically open that resource and navigate you to the precise page upon which your mark-up or annotation appears. View 'Digital Bookmarks' Video

Face Sheet Report   QDO generates a Face Sheet, creating a sort of "CliffsNote" for legal research. All of your annotations and markups are summarized into a printable report. Take your Face Sheet to court and be better prepared than your opponent. View Video

Ready-Cite   QDO automatically appends proper citation for easy copy and paste into your own documents. View 'Ready-Cite' Video

Videos: Zero-Delay Download
Exclusive Zero-Delay Download Technology is offered for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar.

QDO legal research Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance
Zero-Delay Download from Lexis Advance watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research WestLaw

Zero-Delay Download from Westlaw watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research Casemaker

Zero-Delay Download from Casemaker watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research fastcase

Zero-Delay Download from Fastcase watch video (2m14s) »

More Videos:
Accelerated demonstrations featuring just a few of QDO's many features.


Searching Matters
Quickly locate entries in the Rolodex... watch video (3m42s) »

QDO Legal Research Digital Bookmarks

Digital Bookmarks
Instantly open a document and jump directly to desired pages and sections with just a double-click... watch video (5m37s) »

QDO Legal Research Mark Up

Document Mark-Up
Identify important document sections by marking them as Excerpts using multi-colored underliners and highlighters in QDO's embedded PDF viewer...watch video (4m33s) »

QDO Legal Research Annotations

Add Annotations
Create your own personalized annotations on the document using your choice of any of up to nine user-defined sticky-notes... watch video (4m33s) »

QDO Legal Research Full Content Search

Full Content Search
Selectively search any or all QDO-managed content including annotations, excerpts, and full document content... watch video (6m42s) »

QDO Legal Research Ready-Cite

Using Ready-Cite
See how quickly you can insert accurate citations from your own research directly into your own documents... watch video (1m22s) »


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