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WestLaw Advance Zero-Delay Download

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Zero-Delay Download Explained

Our exclusive Zero-Delay Download function effectively eliminates 99% of the labor and delay involved in downloading, renaming (if necessary), selecting a storage location, cataloging, and indexing your legal research documents. With the click of just a single button - the QDO "Fetch" button - QDO performs all of these processes silently and in the background. You are free to immediately resume your research and review of additional legal research materials. This feature alone can easily pay for QDO yielding immediate 100% ROI.

Video narrative

Yes. We do offer QDO for web-based access, allowing use on any hardware platform with a current standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and others). This service is available at additional cost. Please contact us for details.

Videos: Zero-Delay Download
Exclusive Zero-Delay Download technology is offered for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar.


Lexis Advance
Zero-Delay Download from Lexis Advance watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Westlaw watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Casemaker watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Fastcase watch video (20s) »

More Videos:
Accelerated demonstrations featuring just a few of QDO's many features.


Searching Matters
Quickly locate entries in the Rolodex... watch video (20s) »


Digital Bookmarks
Instantly open a document and jump directly to desired pages and sections with just a double-click... watch video (20s) »


Document Mark-Up
Identify important document sections by marking them as Excerpts using multi-colored underliners and highlighters in QDO's embedded PDF viewer...watch video (20s) »


Add Annotations
Create your own personalized annotations on the document using your choice of any of up to nine user-defined sticky-notes... watch video (20s) »


Full Content Search
Selectively search any or all QDO-managed content including annotations, excerpts, and full document content... watch video (20s) »


Using Ready-Cite
See how quickly you can insert accurate citations from your own research directly into your own documents... watch video (20s) »


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