Download QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer Evaluation and licensed version

Unlike many software products, we do not offer free trials. Why? Because QDO, as a new and innovative solution, is constantly being updated in response to feature requests by users. By making free trials available, you can all too easily download a free evaluation (because it is so often very simple to do so) and then simply forget about it. When you do finally evaluate it some weeks - or even months later - you will almost certainly not be working with the latest version. We find the best way to encourage prompt evaluation is to charge a very nominal fee.

QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer is available for 60-trial, with full support, for just $2. Once you have experienced the benefits of QDO, you may choose one of three subscription plans. Please click on the Subscribe tab in the menu at the top of this page to review details and select your edtion for download.


Our Design Philosophy
We set out to design an application to be most useful in filling the void

"Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." - Frank Lloyd Wright

QDO makes no attempt to be a 'Practice Management System' - as the market is bloated with systems focused on that facet of your practice. QDO is designed first and foremost to provide innovative ways to analyze, organize, and reference your legal research and other case materials. QDO is not designed to be pretty above all else. Nor is it designed to present every possible function a legal practitioner may need. It strives, rather, to provide an environment in which to maximize efficiency in a realm of practice heretofore neglected by software vendors.

Requirements We recommend the following minimum system specifications and procedures.

WindowsVista or Later
If you are using Windows 8, we recommend running in "Desktop" mode instead of "Metro" (tiled) mode. QDO may run on Windows XP but due to cessation of support by Microsoft we suggest upgrading to a supported operating system. QDO has not been tested under compatibility modes on Apple/Macintosh platforms. QDO may in the future be made available as a cloud offering available via any browser.

200MB Available RAM
Initial memory requirements - before you accumulate vast quantities of QDO-managed resources - is in the 100MB area. As you accumulate thousands of research materials, memory requirements may grow to 200MB.

Daily Backup of QDO-Managed Data
We strongly recommend automated daily backup of all QDO-managed data. Backups should be stored to external devices for maximum protection. You will wish to avoid data loss due to hard drive failure, and other causes of data loss or corruption.

About Us

We strive to provide services and products that results in rapid ROI.

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What They Say

"Quaerolex Desktop Organizer (QDO) is one of the best programs for attorneys that I have seen in a long time."

Attorney Melissa R. Lipchak, Ohio