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Our unique Rolodex dashboard view allows you to drill down, with user-selectable levels of granularity, to locate detailed data. Content Search capabilities assist you to quickly and efficiently locate the records you need at the moment you need them. These features, provide the most efficient foundation for your research, analysis, and writing tasks.

Videos: Zero-Delay Download
Exclusive Zero-Delay Download technology is offered for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar.


Lexis Advance
Zero-Delay Download from Lexis Advance watch video (2m14s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Westlaw watch video (2m14s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Casemaker watch video (2m14s) »


Zero-Delay Download from Fastcase watch video (2m14s) »


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