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If you have been practicing for more than just a few weeks, there is one thing you have learned: despite your best efforts, you cannot please all of your clients all of the time. Sometimes expectations simply cannot be met within the constraints of budget limitations, time limitations, or, yes... even the limitations of reality. This is as much true in the field of information technology as in the practice of law.

QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer is designed to provide the majority of required features and functionality required by legal researchers on a frequent basis. We recognize it is entirely possible that your unique practice may require features not currently provided by QDO. In that case, we would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your requirements. QDO development is driven by user feedback. We may implement the features that are unique to your practice.

Please allow us to reward you for your time

Your time is valuable. Certainly you invested time in evaluating QDO. In the event you do choose to cancel, we would like to offer you our time in return. Upon cancellation, you may request a FREE 30-minute personal consultation on any topic related to your practice and information technology. Want to know more about integrating a scanner? Or document management systems? Or working with PDF files? Need advice in implementing new hardware or software? Cloud computing? Internet or network security? Viruses? Malware? Phishing? Or??? Let us return the favor by providing you valuable information to guide you in your technology-related decisions.  

Requesting your cancellation with refund

Please enter your License Key into the box below and click the Submit button. You may cancel your subscription for refund at any time during the seventh month of your subscription. If your License Key is eligible for refund, you will receive an email containing a Cancellation Code. Upon entry of that code into QDO, QDO shall then be deactivated. Please enter that code into QDO's License Key box and click 'Renew/Retrieve'. A "Subscription Cancelled' notice will then be displayed. A refund shall then be processed for 100% of your first six months' subscription cost. The seventh month shall be pro-rated to the date of entry of your Cancellation Code into QDO and subsequent deactivation. This refund policy does not apply to trial licenses.


Videos: Zero-Delay Download
Exclusive Zero-Delay Download technology is offered for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar.


Lexis Advance
Zero-Delay Import from Lexis Advance watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Import from Westlaw watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Import from Casemaker watch video (20s) »


Zero-Delay Import from Fastcase watch video (20s) »

More Videos:
Accelerated demonstrations featuring just a few of QDO's many features.


Searching Matters
Quickly locate entries in the Rolodex... watch video (20s) »


Digital Bookmarks
Instantly open a document and jump directly to desired pages and sections with just a double-click... watch video (20s) »


Document Mark-Up
Identify important document sections by marking them as Excerpts using multi-colored underliners and highlighters in QDO's embedded PDF video (20s) »


Add Annotations
Create your own personalized annotations on the document using your choice of any of up to nine user-defined sticky-notes... watch video (20s) »


Full Content Search
Selectively search any or all QDO-managed content including annotations, excerpts, and full document content... watch video (20s) »


Using Ready-Cite
See how quickly you can insert accurate citations from your own research directly into your own documents... watch video (20s) »


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"Quaerolex Desktop Organizer has become an essential tool for organizing and analyzing my legal research."

Attorney Melissa R. Lipchak, Ohio